Friday, November 22, 2013

Teeth Whitening Can Boost Your Confidence

People all over the world would love to have beautiful white teeth just like their favorite Telenovela star and thanks to the best Dentist in Chicago, everyone can. 

White teeth are everywhere these days. All you have to do is turn on the TV and you will be reminded how yellow and stained your teeth have become, but when you schedule an appointment with a Chicago Hispanic Dentist, your frown will quickly be turned upside down thanks to teeth whitening in Chicago.

When you have your teeth whitened by one of the professional Dentists from Romo Dental you will be advised on the best treatment for your particular situation, which could be either in office whitening or at home bleaching trays. If you want immediate results, in office whitening is for you.

With in-office, whitening your new smile will be ready in as little as an hour. After a protective gel is applied to your gums, your dentist will follow it up with a gel that is activated by light. Once the two gels have been applied, your Chicago Dentist will use a special dental laser or light that activates the gel. Once the teeth whitening procedure has been completed, Dr. Romo will make custom trays for you to use at home for whitening touch ups giving you results that will last for years. In office whitening in Chicago is the perfect solution for busy people on the go.

At home tray whitening is another method of tooth whitening that takes a bit longer, but is not as expensive as in office whitening. When you schedule an appointment for in home tooth whitening with your Dentist in Chicago clear trays will be made to fit your mouth perfectly. Once the trays are ready, which normally takes a couple of days; you can come to the Romo Dental office and pick them up along with the whitening gel. Your Chicago Hispanic Dentist will give you instructions on how to use your gel and trays. You can whiten your teeth up to two times a day for 30 to 60 minutes with astonishing results in as little as four weeks.

When it comes to the perfect smile, you can depend on the team from Romo Dental in Chicago to provide you with the tools you need to give you back your confidence. Call today and schedule an appointment for in office or at home whitening and you will be happy to flash those pearly whites even when nobody else feels like smiling.